Climate Neutral Brochures

Environmental Protection Concerns All Of Us

CO2 emissions can not be completely avoided in the production of brochures, but they can be balanced out elsewhere. We are aware of this ecological responsibility. For this reason, we are printing brochures in cooperation with our printing company and the climate protection specialist “ClimatePartner”, climate neutral.

With climate-neutral printing, Pleiger actively assumes responsibility for our nature and contributes to environmental protection. The individual CO2 emissions are individually compensated for each individual brochure print order, which starts on 01.10.2017. This works by balancing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by our print job in a climate protection project. This is an additional contribution of the company Pleiger to the protection of the environment and the balancing of the climate.

All climate-neutral printed brochures from the company Pleiger also receive our “climate-neutral” logo as a visible sign that this product has been produced in a climate-neutral manner.

Pleiger “climate neutral” Logo

Pleiger Logo