industrie 4-0

Industry 4.0 with PLEIGER technology

The industrial world has been in a constant state of change since the beginning of the 18th century.

Continuous technological change, international competition and new demands from markets and customers lead to a constant development of products and processes. From time to time, however, this continuous change undergoes a leap and fundamental changes occur. Today, industrialisation is divided into four phases:

– 18th century – Industry 1.0 – mechanisation of work processes
– 19th century – Industry 2.0 – mass and assembly line production, electrification
– 20th century / 1960s – Industry 3.0 – computer technology, automation
– Today – Industry 4.0 – digitalisation in the current internet age

The term Industry 4.0 (also IIOT, Industrial Internet of Things) refers to the digitalisation of a production and describes both the networking of individual components with each other and networked systems that react independently to changes. Data from a single sensor is not only visible, it can also be the basis for intelligent reactions in addition to its informative value. This means that production processes can be optimised autonomously by the system without external specifications.

In the area of actuator technology, the electrohydraulic actuators from Pleiger Maschinenbau offer a suitable component for the Industry 4.0 system solution.
The electrohydraulic actuators from Pleiger with our “Industry 4.0 Ready Services” help you to digitalise your production. A flexible interface enables wired and wireless fieldbus communication in addition to the common signal exchange.

Your advantages:
– Technological advantage through field-proven innovations
– Quality in hydraulics, electronics and automation from a single source
– Cost advantages through efficiency, sustainability and process transparency
– Competence and process reliability through worldwide experience and personal contact partners