EHS-SG Series (Fail-Safe)

Fail-Safe & Quick-Close – ready-to-use actuator solution for quarter-turn valves

The electro-hydraulic EHS for swivel movements, in conjunction with the Pleiger STK actuators, was developed specially for the remote actuation of valves such as shut-off and butterfly valves, ball and tap valves and throttle valves and can be integrated into process control systems with minimal installation effort.

The actuators of the EHS-SG series are based on the STK series, but are fitted with an additional spring assembly and expanded to a single-acting actuator. This combination always reliably moves the valve to the predefined fail-safe position.

The EHS actuators, equipped with an electrically driven compact unit and integrated position feedback, thus combine the advantages of electrical and hydraulic systems.

Special Features

  • SIL 2 Functional safety to IEC 61508
  • Single-acting
  • Fail-safe system
  • With mechanical, hydraulic or electronic position indicator
  • With mechanical or hydraulic emergency operation device
  • Integrated hydraulic emergency operation (hand pump) available
  • With permanent bus control loop connection (PCL)
  • With ATEX/IECEx explosion protection class
  • “Under medium” upon request
  • Also available as detached power pack


  • Self-sufficient actuator with integrated hydraulic unit
  • Electrical cable is the only thing required
  • No external pipes or valves
  • Enormous cost savings
  • Small size – high torque
  • Protection class IP 67 (IP 68 upon request)
  • Lower servicing and maintenance costs
  • Small amount of oil
  • Low noise
  • Bronze housing (optional)
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 – not available –

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