SH Series

Power pack up to 130,000 Nm – hydraulic drive for valves and swivel applications up to 180°

The hydraulic rotary actuators of the SH series have been developed for applications up to 130,000 Nm and guarantee reliable operation under the most adverse conditions due to their robust design.

In addition to the use as a 90° valve actuator, swing angles up to 180° are also available to move doors, gates, flaps, etc. Due to the modular design, the actuator can be adapted to customer-specific requirements, for example, to achieve fail-safe or quick-close functionality.

The additional use of an EHS Power Pack results in a compact, electrically controllable actuator unit.

Special features

  • Torque up to 130,000 Nm
  • Maximum operating pressure of 180 bar
  • Swivel angle from 90° to 180°
  • Mechanically adjustable end stops
  • Flange connections acc. ISO5211 up to F48
  • Shaft diameters up to 200 mm
  • Square connection up to 150 mm
  • Optical and electronic position indication
  • Safety position via storage unit
  • Hydraulic emergency manual operation
  • “Under medium” design available (IP68)
  • With ATEX/IECEx explosion protection class


  • Special flanges possible
  • With hollow shaft and flange for compact assembly
  • Vibration resistant
  • No intermediate transmission
  • Wear parts reduced to a minimum
  • Low servicing costs
  • Uniform torque across the entire rotation angle
  • Service- and maintenance-friendly design


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