STKG Series (Fail-Safe)

Fail-Safe & Quick-Close – 90° rotary actuator for ball valves and butterfly valves

The actuators of the STKG series are based on the STK series, but are fitted with an additional spring assembly and expanded to a single-acting actuator. This combination always moves the valve dependably to the predefined fail-safe position.

  • Opening/Closing torque of 11,000 Nm (125 bar)
  • Maximum operating pressure of 150 bar
  • Rotary angle of 90 – 100° depending on manufactured size
  • With mechanical adjustable stops
  • Connecting dimensions according to DIN ISO 5211

Special Features

  • Single-acting with spring return
  • Fail-safe
  • With mechanical, hydraulic or electronic position indication
  • With mechanical or hydraulic emergency operation equipment
  • For submerged applications
  • With modular hydraulic control devices


  • With hollow shaft and flange for compact assembling
  • High torques in compact, closed design
  • Service- and maintenance-friendly construction
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