Centralized Hydraulic VRC System

Centralized Hydraulics For Marine Vessels And Offshore Installations

Pleiger rotary actuators are especially developed for the operation of butterfly and ball valves. Pleiger rack and pinion actuators type STK are available in double and single acting design. The Pleiger STK actuators are designed to operate at any place, even submerged or in hazardous areas. In emergency cases all actuators can be operated by hand pump. Pleiger hydraulic actuators provide continuous output torque over the full quarter turn.

Hydraulic Rotary Actuators

The Pleiger STK actuators are designed to operate at any place, even submerged or in hazardous areas. In emergency cases all actuators can be operated by hand pump. Pleiger hydraulic actuators provide continuous output torque over the full quarter turn.

Product Characteristics:

  • Precise and reliable operation
  • Complete product range to cover all demands
  • Output torque from 150 Nm up to 50.000 Nm
  • Maximum working pressure 150 bar
  • Positive hydraulic Opened/Closed indication via bypass and flow switch
  • Intelligent continuous position indication
  • Alternative electrical position indication available
  • Hydraulical locking device
  • Mechanical locking device available

Hydraulic Linear Actuators

Hydraulic linear actuators are specially developed for the operation of globe valves. Pleiger actuators type PVK are available in double and single acting design (fail safe spring return). They are designed to operate anywhere.

Product Characteristics:

  • Nominal diameters from DN15 up to DN500
  • All usual flange standards available
  • Various body materials available
  • Hydraulic override available
  • Positive hydraulic Opened/Closed indication via hydraulic limit and flow switch
  • Alternative electrical end position indication available

Solenoid Valve Cabinets And Control Consoles

Cabinets And Control Consoles Are Featured By:

_Individual and compact design
_Block modules – less piping
_Well proved precision Solenoid valves for various power supplies
_Easy to connect hydraulic lines
_Local control devices
_Serial connection via: Bus Interface Module (BI), Conti Control Module (CCM) and Relay Module (RK 16/8)

Consoles Integrate The Indication And/Or Control Of:

_valve positions
_pump signals
_tank Levels

PLEIGER Control Modules (PCM)

The PLEIGER Control Module (PCM) is a system of different control and I/O modules. This module system controls and monitors hydraulic actuators, pumps, tank level sensors etc. The small sized modules are ideally suited for designing compact control cabinets.

BI, Bus Interface Module

  • BI bus interface connects all PCM modules to a supervisory control system
  • Profibus DP and Modbus RTU fieldbus compatible

RK 16/8, Relay Module For Opened/Closed Operation Of Hydraulic Actuators

  • Monitors end position indicators and controls solenoid valves
  • One module can control up to 8 actuators
  • LED status indication

CCM, Conti Control Module

  • Control module for continuous mode operation of hydraulic actuators

Common Features

  • Hat rail plug connectors for DC power supply and serial data link
  • Pluggable terminals are used for cabling of all modules
  • Detailed status information eases diagnostics and fault localisation

Further Modules

  • CM3 control module for EHS actuators
  • IO8/8/4 analogue and digital IO module for tank measuring etc.
  • IOTII Pt100 and 4-20mA input/output module

Continuous Position Control

The new PLEIGER position control system for continuous operation is based on a standardized volume counter combined with the new PLEIGER CCM module.

  • A digital flow meter counts the passing oil volume in each direction. The generated signal is taken up by the CCM module.
  • A self adjusting function enables the CCM module to control any desired valve position regardless of its size, hydraulic ressure, pipe length or pipe diameter.
  • The correct functionality of the control system is also independent of dilatation, viscosity and temperatures.
  • Furthermore, the CCM module detects blocked valves and indicates the failure.
  • It realizes a comfortable backup operation via double push buttons and two digit position indication.
  • The CCM module can be directly connected to push buttons, LED and analogue position indication of a mimic diagramme.

As a part of the PLEIGER Control Module (PCM) system the CCM module can easily be connected to Profibus DP or Modbus RTU masters via the Bus Interface module (BI).

OPENED/CLOSED Position Indicator

PLEIGER end position controls are independent of the actuator size, the pipe length and the pipe diameter, of the viscosity, the dilatation and the compressibility. The OPENED/CLOSED indication is hydraulically detected directly inside the actuator and displays the real valve Position.

The well proven PLEIGER end position control system – OPENED/CLOSED – is based on a specific flow in the bypass in combination with the working pressure.

If the valve is blocked between the end positions, a small flow is maintained through a bypass inside the PLEIGER rotary actuator. Due to this, if the end position has not been reached, there is no closed contact in flow switch “Q”.

  • The bypass inside the actuator is hermetically sealed if the end position is completely reached. In this case the indication becomes active through the contacts in the flow switch “Q” and the corresponding pressure switches “S1” and “S2”.