Hydraulic Motors MO

High Performance Radial Piston Type Motors For Industrial Applications!

Pleiger radial piston motors are used in a variety of mobile and stationary applications. Our customers benefit from more than 50 years of experience and the continuous further development of our radial piston motors. With the different types of the MO series, PLEIGER offers solutions for the most diverse customer requirements.

  • Type MO-08 with constant displacement from 37 cm³/rev. up to 1.900 cm3/rev.
  • Type MO-05 with displacement from 125 cm³/rev. up to 4.500 cm3/rev.
  • Type MO-01 with constant displacement from 6.500 cm³/rev. up to 23.000 cm3/rev.


Special Features

  • With 2 step switchable displacement, type MOS-05
  • With variable controlled displacement, type MOR-05
  • With second shaft
  • With electronic speed transmitter
  • With modular hydraulic control devices
  • With hydraulic operated brake


Advantages Of Pleiger Hydraulic Motors

  • Low speed, high torque in compact design
  • Equal torque in both operating directions
  • High efficiency
  • Low noise
  • Wide range of speed control
  • Direct drive system – no gear box required
pleiger hydraulik motor
pleiger hydraulik motor
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