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Centrifugal Pump Pleiger PKR

Future-oriented communes use Pleiger’s decades of know-how for tailor-made solutions for their plants. These include energy-saving actuators, intelligent automation systems and complete pumping stations. The blockage-free PLEIGER centrifugal pumps of the PKR series are dry-installed single-stage wastewater pumps in the nominal width range from DN100 to DN700, which can be used in pumping systems for domestic, communal and industrial wastewater.

Especially for industrial waste water, abrasion and corrosion resistant waste water pumps are required. Pleiger sewage pumps are made of high-quality materials for trouble-free operation of various pumping tasks.

They are available as block or bearing block versions as well as for horizontal and vertical installation. We supply tailor-made, energy-efficient and reliable solutions especially for your requirements.

Output data:

_Sizes: DN100 to DN700
_Capacity Q: 5-2500 l/s
_Delivery height H: 7-45 m
_Speed n: 500-1500 min-1


_designed for heavy duty use
_Compact block construction or bearing frame design
_Robust construction with abrasion reserve
_Congestion-resistant impellers with large free ball passage and reduced
interfering edges
_Hydraulic adjustable wheels with diameter reduction
_High effectiveness with steep characteristic line
_Various well-proven sealing systems available
_Low maintenance cost due to few parts and easy disassembly

Pleiger PKR with T-Spiral-Impeller and double sealing ring

abwasserpumpe kreiselpumpe blockpumpe

Diagonal view at a Pleiger PKR with housing, T-Spiral-Impeller and double sealing ring

abwasserpumpe kreiselpumpe blockpumpe

Just send us an e-mail with your request to pm@pleiger.de

Centrifugal Pump TPKR – overflow-proof and easy to maintain

Your advantages:
_Safe operation in the event of overflow
_No consequential damage due to pump failure
_Second “dry” level not applicable
_Maintenance-friendly design due to block design
_Replacement for bearing bracket pumps in new buildings and conversions
_Available for nominal width ranges from DN100 to DN700

The new PLEIGER centrifugal pump type TPKR offers all advantages of a dry installed centrifugal pump and is completely overflowable. The motor, terminal box and fan are IP68 rated and guarantee uninterrupted operation. The innovative design of the TPKR centrifugal pump is an alternative for new pumping stations or modernizations where bearing bracket pumps are usually used. The block design of the pump eliminates the need to consider an additional “dry” level and this saves effort and costs already in the planning phase.

Pleiger Pumps Type PKR

Here you can find some preview pictures of our pumps and pictures of pumps in real pump stations.

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PLEIGER provides complete systems and equipment for pumping stations including valves, actuators, hydraulic power units, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic controls and system automation.

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