Continuous Position Indication

The hydraulic continuous position detection from Pleiger is based on a standardised digital volume counter in combination with the CCM module (Continuous Control Module). This position detection enables highly accurate repeated volume measurements and sets new standards with the position detection of hydraulic actuators. Measurement takes place directly in the control line, so that an elaborate hydraulic switching of the oil flow in the return line is not required. The CCM control module utilises highly complex algorithms for the precise measurement of the actual volume flow.  The implemented self-learning module, through one learn run, enables the use of an arbitrary leak-free hydraulic actuator. The control is thus suitable for very nearly all sizes of actuator.


Benefits of using Pleiger Cont. Position Indication:

  • Universally applicable for nearly all actuator sizes
  • Simplest hydraulic structure using a 4/3-way solenoid valve
  • Universally applicable for nearly all line cross-sections with large line lengths
  • Simplest cost-effective commissioning by means of self-learning mode
  • Signalling of a possible fault condition
  • Independent of oil viscosity and temperature in the range from -15°C to +60°C
  • No special hydraulic components required for temperature compensation
  • External selection and signal processing possible via Modbusor Profibus DP

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