ST Series

24/7 operation – our endurance runner for the toughest conditions

Pleiger swivel actuators are characterised by a very long service life and high efficiency. The actuators of the ST series were developed for extreme operating conditions, and convince users due to their extremely robust design. Whether for road construction, cement factories or the petrochemical industry, this actuator is indestructible.

  • Standard torque range of up to 50.000 Nm
  • Higher torque as special design on request
  • Rotary angle of 90° up to 360°
  • Different rotary angles on request.


Special Features

  • STD = with cushioning
  • STE = with mechanical adjustable stops
  • STED = with adjustable stops and cushioning
  • STF = with flange connection
  • Also available with second shaft and electronic position Transmitter


  • High torques
  • Compact design
  • Same torque in both operating directions
  • Constant torque over the entire angle of rotation
  • Low frictional losses


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